Taking Rock Climbing Out of the Stone Age


Halo Holds is the Future of Indoor Climbing


The Halo Holds system that allows you to program infinite permutations of routes onto any given wall space, drawing from routes set by peers to those set by professional climbers. Data-driven insights provide gym owners with route popularity metrics, route lifespan info and machine-learning based suggestions for route improvements, a first in the industry. Finally, the system allows for fun mini games that help advanced climbers improve while also reducing the barrier to entry for new climbers.


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The Benefits of Halo Holds

The customizable nature of the wall allows for infinite routes in a limited space.
Halo Holds brings a whole new level of creativity to the climber
Data insights empower gym owners with a new tool for new member recruitment and existing member retention

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Halo Holds is a new company and we are always looking forward to hearing from the community of climbers. Whether you are a gym owner, route setter or casual climber feel free to drop us a note below or email us directly at info@haloholds.com


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